The Stolen Waters Myth

Nationalists always bleat and greet about Westminster “stealing” Scottish waters. The truth is, Westminster has stolen nothing.

Under UNCLOS, there are NO defined “Scottish” and “English” territorial waters.

The nationalists also bleat on that any future boundary should be in line with the mouth of the Tweed, or in line with the walls of Berwick Castle.

This again is absolute rubbish. No country sets boundaries this way. Any future boundary would be set by negotiation, not by geographical features such as the nats claim. The angle of a building’s walls, and the direction a river mouth points is totally irrelevant. The actual course of rivers do form the actual boundaries. The part of US-Mexico boundary is a river, as is parts of the US-Canada border, and of course, the Scotland-England boundary.

Any future boundary would be set by negotiation. And in a case like ours, it would be due east of the end of the land border.

Now on to the “stolen” waters.

What Westminster DID do was move a FISHING LIMIT further North. This limit is in place to keep out German, Dutch and French super-trawlers. The waters were being protected for OUR trawlers.

These grounds are very important for both prawns and white fish, and are worked mostly by SCOTTISH boats. These now banned ships catch more in one haul than our local boats catch in 3-4 months.

This is an example of one of the ships that can no longer fish in that area. She is the Carolien, 126m long (bigger than the Northlink ferry to Orkney/Shetland). Our boats average 20-25m (one fifth of the size).

This is another example. She is the Margiris and is 143m long.

What the nationalists are doing is creating yet another myth. They are trying to make out that Westminster is “stealing” our oil. This is absolute rubbish, there is NO sea border under UNCLOS between England and Scotland. All waters around the UK are UK waters, not Scottish, English, Welsh, or Northern Irish.