It’s Westminster’s Fault (Or is it?)

I was planning to write an article on this myself. However, the Facebook page, “SNP, Hell No” summed things up very nicely.

The Scottish Government recorded an underspend of up to 400 million pounds last year according to analysis by the political editor of the Sunday Herald, a pro independence newspaper. The narrative that the SNP want you to believe is that Westminster doesn’t care about anyone and wants to punish Scotland with austerity measures.

Now this is important: an underspend means that they did not spend enough on the issues they are accusing Westminster of fostering namely foodbanks, the ‘bedroom’ tax and austerity measures.

They want you to believe that Scotland doesn’t get the money to help deal with these issues but as with most things from the SNP, its lies.

Underspending by this amount means they deliberately tried to create the perception that they don’t have the money to deal with internal issues so they can push the agenda that ‘only independence’ can give them the full ‘levers of power’ to deal with them.

They are shameless to the point of deceitful and this merely proves the point. This of course is designed to fool those who vote for the SNP that they are the only party that can ‘save’ Scotland which we all know is utter nonsense. Scotland is being lied to and what’s worrying is that this money could have been used for the benefit of Scotland. instead they would rather punish their own people and then blame it on Westminster in a crass attempt to make independence more appealing.

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There you have it. The SNP holding back money from public spending, so they can blame cuts on Westminster.