Underspend In OUR Finances


This was posted on Scotland’s Big Voice. Its well worth a read to see exactly how the SNP are deliberately conning the Scottish public into believing that the cuts are because of Westminster. HOLYROOD has been holding back 100s of millions from public spending, and blaming Westminster.


What does the SNP’s near half a billion underspend mean?

• When the SNP say Child Poverty in Scotland is a priority – Voters now know it is a lie. They had half a billion they could have spent on it last year and didn’t – why?

• When the SNP say they care about rural communities – Voters now know it is a lie. They had half a billion they could have invested in rural communities last year and they didn’t – why?

• When the SNP say the NHS is a priority – Voters now know it is a lie. They had half a billion they could have invested in nurses and the NHS last year and they didn’t – why?

• When the SNP blame Westminster for Foodbanks and say they need more economic control to eradicate them – Voters now know it is a lie. They had half a billion they could have used to alleviate demand on food-banks last year and they didn’t – why?

• When the SNP say they want to hold Westminster (read; the English ) feet to the fire because Scotland needs more money- – Voters now know it is a lie. They had half a billion from the Union they could have spent in Scotland last year and they didn’t – why?

It’s self evidently illogical for the SNP to claim that “Westminster Austerity is hurting Scots and we need more money” when they are held back half a billion pounds from suffering Scots. It’s manipulation of the poorest in society.

Was it prudence? Well The “put it away for a rainy day” option won’t wash well with schools, surgeries and services struggling for investment from the Scottish Parliament. Yes, Some level of underspend is desirable but normally it’s well under 1% This underspend is out by hundreds of millions of pounds that Scots could have benefited from last year.

As for demanding borrowing powers – any voter will see it would be daft to take out the expense and burden of a loan when you are not spending all your wages! It doesn’t make sense to say “we need the power to borrow money to make investment” when they are not spending the money they have.

Was it planned, controlled and transparent? well it’s out by about £150 million pounds compared to the previous figure John Swinney gave to parliament! Of course he does have a track record of getting predictions wildly wrong *coughs*‪#‎secondoilboom‬

The SNP said that we needed independence to fund more teachers, more nurses, more infrastructure… we know now half a billion pounds was available that they chose not to spend on teachers, nurses and infrastructure.

So it’s fairly simple really – is this underspend the result of deliberate lies for political ends? Or is this underspend genuine financial incompetence and inefficiency?

Neither option appeals. It puts me in mind of the Italian saying – they are like the Old woman with the Parma ham under one arm – crying because she has no bread.

Read More at: http://scottishpol.blogspot.co.uk/2015/01/stash-in-attic.html


Angus Liberal Democrats have reacted angrily to news that the SNP Government has left £444 million unspent last year, despite closing key services across Angus and failing to invest in local infrastructure.

Accounts have emerged showing that the Scottish Government has underspent:

  • £92 million on Justice,
  • £10 million on the Procurator Fiscal Service,
  • £102 million on Infrastructure
  • and a whopping £165 million on Education.

Lib Dem Campaigner for Angus, Sanjay Samani said,

“The SNP have been steadily closing down services in Angus. They have closed Sheriff’s Courts, Police Counters, Noranside Prison and Angus College. They have failed to build a flyover at Laurencekirk that we desperately need to protect drivers. Yet in all these departments there was plenty of money left to be spent.”

“Meanwhile our SNP elected representatives, Mike Weir MP, Nigel Don MSP and Graeme Dey MSP, have done absolutely nothing to stop the closure of key Angus services by their SNP colleagues in Edinburgh. This has cost Angus jobs, made it harder for students to study, left Laurencekirk junction unsafe and had a negative impact on our local economy.”

“The SNP have blamed all the cuts on Angus services on Westminster, and yet they had close to half a billion pounds left to invest.”

Lib Dem Montrose Cllr David May said,

“As an ex-teacher and head master, I am appalled to see £165 million go unspent on Education. The merger of Angus College with Dundee and loss of hundreds of college places has had a huge impact on our young people, just trying to get on in life.”

“In Montrose we have a major issue with parking on double yellow lines that are not being policed due to SNP cuts, that they have blamed on Westminster, despite having £92 million left over.”

“Sanjay and I have backed Jill Fotheringham’s campaign for a flyover at Laurencekirk for many years. The news that on Infrastructure £102 million was left unspent will be a body blow for those desperate to see safety at the junction improved.”

Sanjay Samani concluded,

“We have an SNP MP and two SNP MSPs who have badly failed Angus residents. This year they will blame cuts on Westminster to gain votes at the General Election. Then we will see a big spending spree in the run up to Scottish Elections in 2016 and they will try to claim the credit.”

“The SNP need to stop playing politics and start investing in Angus.”

Read The Full Article: http://sanjaysamani.com/blog/2015/01/scottish-government-underspend-a-body-blow-for-angus-investment/


And from Inside Moray:

The Scottish Government is being asked to explain why they sat on a £450million budget surplus while people in Moray had to suffer the pain of cuts to services.

Sean Morton, who will contest the Moray seat in the UK General Election in May, is highlighting the revelation in a personal blog by the Editor of the Herald newspaper.

In that, Tom Gordon said that the Scottish Government had recorded its largest-ever underspend last year – with ministers issuing the final total in what he described as an “obscure report” laid to parliament just before Christmas.

Mr Gordon said that he sought out a copy of the report but was refused on the grounds that it had to clear parliament first – a reason he described as “complete cobblers”.

Now Mr Morton is demanding answers, saying: “We all saw how the SNP blamed down south for lack of funds in our communities – but now we find out that they had hundreds of millions that could have helped local people, but chose not to help.

“While Moray has gone through the pain of cuts to services, threats of school closures and the rise of the poverty and the emergence of food banks – the SNP chose not to help.

“Now that we know this money exists I have one simple question for the SNP – when can Moray have its share?”


So there you have it. The SNP are withholding money from public services, sitting back watching 1000s get paid off and forced into poverty, while all the time the HAVE the money to fund these services.