Oil is just a bonus (or is it?)

For weeks now, we’ve had nats claiming oil is only a bonus. Not so it seems. Salmond has confirmed yet again that oil would underpin the economy of iScotland.

Another article from  SNP? Hell No

So…the oil isn’t “just a bonus” then, Mr Salmond?

Your cattle have been saying that oil was never an economic reason for “independence” since the price plummeted to below $50 a barrel and here you are saying that it is again. Please make up your mind.

People have so little patience for politicians who, when people are at risk of losing their jobs, all they can think of is making an argument about a referendum three months ago”, says Mr Salmond.

Can I remind you that people have so little patience for SNP politicians like Ms Sturgeon who clearly doesn’t care one way or the other whether people lose their jobs, otherwise she’d have made it a subject for immediate cabinet discussion, instead of stating that her cabinet may talk about it next month after being put under pressure from all other parties during First Minister’s Questions.

Additionally, there is no argument to make regarding the referendum we had four months ago, not three. You lost. No argument.