SNP Claim – Vote snp, get labour. Really?

For weeks now, Salmond and his followers have been trying to convince us, and themselves, that voting for them would give us a Labour government in coalition with the SNP. This is absolutely not the case.

In May, if you jump into bed with Nicola Sturgeon, you’ll wake up with David Cameron.

Vote Tory – Get Cameron.

Vote SNP – Get Cameron. Or the SNP’s worst nightmare, a Tory/UKIP Coalition.

Vote Labour – Get Labour

If you want the Tories out, and a Labour government in, then vote Labour.

Do Not Break Our Unity wrote a very good article on Facebook about this.

IRONIC: The SNP are on course to guarantee a Tory majority in 2015, while at the same time having absolutely no possibility of sharing power with any of the UK political parties.. David Cameron looks set to be thanking the SNP after the General election, for their help in delivering yet another Conservative government, despite the SNP generally generally talking about “Tories” in the same way fascists talked about supposed “political dissidents” and “traitors”.

Ed Milband has ruled out any prospect of deals with the SNP in the event of a minority Labour government. Such deals would be seen as political suicide in Scotland and the wider UK as voters would likely look to alternatives to cast their votes if they believed the SNP would play any role in propping up a future UK government, such deals will only be used by the SNP for their one track agenda which is to break up the UK by hook or crook.

Taking this into account David Cameron looks set to form a majority government in 2015 as all opinion polls point to an SNP landslide in Scotland for the 2015 General Election where nationalists are treating it as a re-run of the 2014 referendum.

It’s ironic that the SNP has played a part in delivering several Tory governments. In 1979 they were responsibly for the vote of no confidence in the Labour government which directly led to Margaret Thatcher’s election, which was also the result of the arrangement that the then minority Labour government had with the Liberal Party and SNP collapsing. The SNP now play the part in Scotland of splitting the traditional Labour vote.