SNP Caught Lying On The NHS Yet Again

More SNP lies and deception exposed by United Against Separation

Some facts regarding the Scottish NHS. Just to kill off the myth being spread by the nationalists that being in the UK is somehow detriment to NHS funding. Indeed, the Scottish government has stated:

“Our total healthcare funding in 2014-15 of £12 billion reflects an increase of £138.1 million over 2013-14. This comprises resource funding of £11.6 billion, net capital funding of £254 million and annually managed expenditure of £100 million. Resource funding has increased by £284.6 million in 2014-15, from £11,321.8 million to £11,606.4 million. This is the full amount of the budget consequentials arising from the increase to health in England and delivers on the Scottish Government’s commitment to pass on the resource budget consequentials in full to the health budget in Scotland”

So the UK works for Scotland when it suits them but is a convenient vehicle for blame when they need to make empty political points. The nationalists are lying about the NHS: its that simple. Where is this privatisation may i ask? Do they even have any clue what a truly privatised system is? Do people in England for example have to pay private insurance in order to go and see a Doctor? Do they need to pay for cancer treatment? Do they have to sell off their own homes just so they can pay for their own survival? (Editor Note: People in Scotland HAVE been faced with this to get cancer drugs the SNP refuse to provide on the grounds of cost). You may think that the above is extreme but this happens under truly privatized systems such as in the US for example. Our NHS is one of our proudest institutions and for the nationalists to use for cheap political points is offensive. Hell will freeze over before the NHS is privatized – people in the UK simply will not accept it. The nationalists are blatantly scaremongering over the issue and therefore need to be held to account for spreading these lies.

There you have it folks.

The SNP are lying on the NHS (again)