SNP Education Failures


Another superb bit of research, this time from Do Not Break Our Unity

SNP dismal record on education:-

1. SNP failed miserably on education:-

2. SNP abandons teachers and smaller class sizes:-

3. SNP have broken their promises on primary school class sizes:-

4. SNP ‘failing miserably’ on teacher numbers:-

5. Shortfall of £11.2 million in further education bursary funds available to college students.:-

6. Salmond criticized over SNP education record:-

7. SNP MSP John Mason wants creationism in Scottish schools:-

8. SNP coerced independent body to delete critical comments about Scotland’s education system:-

As you can see from the information in the pages linked above, the SNP have failed our children and young people dismally. The only way to have even a chance of reversing the decline in education is to vote them out in May 2015.

This is despite an education underspend (money held back from the budget) of £165,000,000 in the year 2013-2014.