Councillor claims SNP hid Dundee V&A overspend to avoid losing independence referendum votes

Dundee’s SNP administration covered up the sky-rocketing V&A budget in order to avoid losing votes in the independence referendum, a senior councillor has claimed.

Labour leader Kevin Keenan has said that SNP members deliberately kept the public in the dark about the £31 million overspend for the troubled project to boost their vote on September 18.

The closure of Menzieshill High School was also kept secret, Mr Keenan believes, to avoid losing potential ‘Yes’ votes among 16-year-olds at the secondary school.

The decision to shut the school and the overspend on the V&A were both announced in the months following the September 18 vote — although Mr Keenan believes the SNP knew about them well before the referendum.

He told The Courier: “I may be cynical in thinking that the SNP would try to hide bad news such as the V&A and their proposed closure of Menzieshill High School before September’s referendum.

“The public can, of course, make up their own mind.”