The Trident U-turn: Now Salmond also admits it.

Thats right folks, not only has Sturgeon admitted that scrapping trident is no longer an “absolute red line” for them to support a minority Labour government.

Alex Salmond has now said the same. 

And they both said “support” not formal coalition.

Here, you can read what Sturgeon said:

Nicola Sturgeon has made the scrapping of Trident the “absolute” red line for the SNP propping up a minority Labour government after the general election despite there being a clear Commons majority to keep Britain’s nuclear deterrent.

But thats no longer the case, as our previous video has shown. Salmond has confirmed that the previous video is in fact correct.

You can also see Salmond chewed up and spat out by Anna Soubry in this video, also watch as she pulls away each time Salmond tries to touch her.

So there you have it. The SNP wont vote ion favour of it, but it can not only remain, but can be renewed.

They have stabbed  a huge number of their core supporters in the back with this U-turn. Its the ultimate stab in the back.


Who can trust them now? Vote them out.