Hospital sent 92-year-old woman home in taxi at night

A 92-YEAR-OLD Aberdeen woman was found struggling to climb a stairwell by her neighbours after being taken home from hospital in a taxi at night.

Peggy Lochhead’s neighbours told how they had to help a lone nurse guide the pensioner to her top-floor flat in Aberdeen.

Fay Riley, 37, a senior nursery nurse, said she had heard a “commotion” about 10pm and asked husband Shaun to investigate.

She said: “Shaun looked through the peep hole and saw Peggy lying on the landing.

“Shaun went outside to ask Peggy what she was doing and the nurse told me the hospital had sent her home in a taxi.

“It took about half an hour to get her up the stairs.”

Peggy, of Kincorth, had been taken to Aberdeen Royal Infirmary’s emergency department by ambulance to be checked over after a number of falls.

An NHS Grampian spokeswoman said: “Strict rules on patient confidentiality prevent us from discussing this in detail.

“Following her consultation, transport home was arranged for Mrs Lochhead and she was accompanied by a member of staff. We also arranged for follow-up care in her home.

“We are not aware of any difficulties around her return home.”

THIS is what the SNP ineptitude has brought to our communities. 


Vote them out. Vote tactically.