Scotland Has No patrol Aircraft And No Patrol Ships. Really?

This is the latest rubbish being circulated by the cybernats. It is, of course, complete rubbish.

This was an apt response to them.maritime2Scottish waters, and our airspace, are very well protected. We have several assets that operate here, including aircraft, surface ships, and attack submarines.


Sentinel R1.

E-3D Sentry AEW1

RC-135W Rivet Joint

Shadow R1

Marine Scotland Aircraft


We have 3 offshore patrol vessels from the Fishery Protection Squadron, HMS Tyne, HMS Severn, and HMS Mersey.

There’s also the Marine Scotland Fishery Protection vessels, Jura, Minna, and Hirta.

Our Mine Countermeasure fleet, and two Faslane Patrol Boats are based on the Clyde at Faslane.


As well as our four Vanguard Class Trident Submarines, we have 2 Trafalgar Class, and all of the Astute Class attack submarines.

One attack submarine is always based in UK waters, usually off Northwest Scotland. These are equipped with state of the art weapons that can his sea targets at 45 miles away using torpedoes, and land based targets at 1000 miles away, using Tomahawk Cruise Missiles.


The UK keeps a ship, usually a destroyer, on 24 hour standby for operations within UK waters. This vessel is based from Portsmouth, but does spend much of its time at sea around the UK.


Lastly, we cannot forget the three squadrons of Typhoons based out of RAF Lossiemouth, the UK’s main Typhoon operating base, and home of the UK Quick Action Alert (North). These are the most capable combat aircraft flying. Aircraft can be scrambled 24 hour per day, every day, year round.

Aircraft and ships dont need to be based in Scotland to be protecting our seas and skies. Its complete rubbish to claim so. Scotland is in fact, better protected than the rest of the UK due to the strategic importance of the Faroe gap.