Dear Alex…an open letter to the former First Minister from an old schoolmate

An open letter to Alex Salmond from Allan Sutherland

Dear Alex,

We go back a long way. The contents of this  letter will be no surprise, I’ve said the same things to you several times in person. I got no clear answers then and I don’t expect any now.

We are both “Black Bitches”, from a Linlithgow Council house. We went to school at the same time, our mothers were classmates, our dads fought as sappers and sailors during the war. We shared the same Scottish history lessons, the same English teacher, the formidable Charlie Mungall, the same pride in our great Scots who built the British Empire and those bastions of democracy, the USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

We lived the traumas and glories of the great Scottish football teams of the 60s and 70s and the same harmless (for me at least) chip on the shoulder about the English. We both got honours degrees in Economics. Mine included  Marxist Economics, Public Finance,  and Currency Unions.

Our house was more Tam Dalyell than Billy Wolfe (the SNP leader in the 60s and 70s),  but I felt that, honestly presented and argued as an opportunity to go it alone, to stop blaming Westminster for all our ills, and sort out the big issues facing our country, the sacrifices and upheaval could be worth it.

Then I realised the SNP were not being honest about issues facing the country, that you had started to curtail our democracy and freedom of speech, exchanged our traditional patriotism and pride for nationalist, populist sleaze and recruited the worst types of voters for your cause.

The real issues facing Scotland are our oversized  public sector, blame and entitlement culture, poor diet and lifestyle causing huge stress on the NHS, declining standards of education, lack of employable skills, poor parenting and lack of good, cheap housing. You don’t talk about any of this because, despite having the devolved powers, you have done little about it in the last 9 years.

You are eroding our democracy. Recent revelations by Lord McCluskey of severe arm-twisting of SNP MSPs on Corroboration, the overturning of valid objections on wind-farms, the creeping introduction of the Parental Guardian scheme and your hounding of the BBC are just some examples.

You perverted our national pride. It was an angry, defining moment when I realised you had hi-jacked  the pride and symbols all Scots have in their country and history as the property  of the SNP.

Your strutting along 5th Avenue in these ridiculous tartan trews during “Scotland week” and bobbing up and down behind David Cameron waving the St. Andrews flag at Wimbledon started it.

The “Gaun yersel’, Alex” CU Jimmies loved it. Around 55% of us wonder how someone behaving like this could ever be taken seriously as a statesman…Deputy Prime Minister in fact!

There are more than a million  decent, clear minded Scots, including my friends and neighbours, who want Independence for honourable reasons and are prepared for the years of upheaval. There just isn’t enough of them to win  a referendum for you.

So you created  a new core vote by conning and “radicalising”  the very people who would suffer most under the “real” Scotland you will deliver: an underclass  of benefits recipients, unemployed and unemployable. You feed their grievances and lie  about the benefits. They are your unthinking, threatening shock troops. The evidence was there for us all to see at last week’s “Hope over Fear” rally in Glasgow.

You convinced the SNP “dinner set” that this is a justifiable means to an end,  scared others into accepting it and  stigmatised those of us  who see through it as traitors to their country and tools of English “Imperialists”. It’s beginning to resemble  the nationalism we see in Russia, or 1920s Germany.

Last week, on Nicola Sturgeon’s Facebook page, I got a taste of the disgusting language  Ruth Davidson and JK Rowling experienced from the “Cybernatz”  when  my reasonable points were answered  by one of your proxy cretins who accused me of being a “pedo” (sic) and a “Rangers fan” (which I am). No doubt she was inspired  recent quote that most Protestants voted “NO” .

And now you are aiming to impose your will on either a weak Labour minority government or stoke up even more grievances against a Tory Government in order to build the case for a second referendum. Your recent quote “There’s a vast overwhelming majority of people in Scotland who rather like the idea of a Westminster parliament hung by a Scottish rope”is a telling guide to SNP intentions

Thanks for exposing the threat and real agenda of the SNP in time for the electorate to wake up, but I despise this obsession of yours, your arrogance, and wholly un-Scottish approach.

The only course available to us true Scots on 7 May 2015 is to vote tactically for the party most likely to beat the SNP.

We need to vote for the real Scotland, not your nationalist, populist, anti-UK nightmare. The establishment will still get the wake-up call it needs, but we will avoid seeing the UK held to ransom at a critical time for our democracy, security and continued prosperity.

Alex, with your abilities, you had a great chance to steer Scotland into sensible independence. By not thinking it through, not being honest and distorting our nationhood and pride you lost. What is now going on in the name of Scotland is potentially disastrous.

That’s why I am delivering tactical voting leaflets in Gordon.

Allan Sutherland


If that’s not a real kick in the nuts for Salmond, nothing ever will be.