Glasgow’s missing millions: the money pilfered by the SNP

On Thursday Glasgow City Council set its budget. Yet again it faces a real terms cut.

The SNP will, as they always do, naturally seek to blame Westminster, and it is true that funding reductions by the UK government have had an effect. But these have been intensified as the Nationalist government in Edinburgh has hacked away at Glasgow’s share of the overall local authority pot year after year. Continue reading “Glasgow’s missing millions: the money pilfered by the SNP”

SNP “stealth” cut to Scotland’s world class research

SNP “stealth” cut to Scotland’s world class research

Iain Gray

On Monday my Shadow Cabinet colleagues and I went to Aberdeen. It was there, at Aberdeen University’s Rowett institute that I saw the astonishing work being led by Professor Lora Heisler on the neuroscience of obesity.  Ground breaking work has identified the neurons which control appetite, and ways to switch them on and off.  The potential for a breakthrough on halting the “obesity epidemic” is immense. Continue reading “SNP “stealth” cut to Scotland’s world class research”