SNP Caught Lying On Fracking

So, just as we suspected, the SNP have been caught out lying about fracking. It turns out that all their concern and the temporary ban on fracking, is political. The already got their report that they commissioned, that says fracking CAN be done safely.

But as soon as Scottish Labour say they’ll ban it, so do the SNP. Why you might ask? Votes, thats why. They know full well that they’ll haemorrhage voters if they show the same open support in public as they do in private. Read on . . . . 

SNP fabricated reasons for fracking ban, says expert

Professor Paul Younger, who sat on a Scottish Government panel examining fracking, said ministers “completely feigned” the health and environmental reasons they used to justify the ban.

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An Independent Scotland would have needed an IMF bailout in its first year


This is a very well written article. It well worth spending some time and reading it in full. It shows what would have happened had we already been indy, and what could very easily happen if we ever went indy. At least as part of the UK, we can absorb losses in tax revenue from the oil and gas sector. iScotland couldn’t.

” In the run up to the Scottish Independence Referendum last autumn, we at the Scotland Institute produced a significant amount of research showing that the SNP White Paper for Independence simply did not add up on the prospects of an independent Scottish economy. Today, when oil prices stand below $50 / barrel, our scepticism has been fully vindicated. Continue reading “An Independent Scotland would have needed an IMF bailout in its first year”