The SNP: The Most Authoritarian Party in Britain

Alongside UKIP, the SNP are set to be the wildcards in this year’s General Election, and with a strong performance by the party’s leader Nicola Sturgeon in the leadership debate this week attention is turning to what the SNP would do if it found itself supporting a Labour government. Continue reading “The SNP: The Most Authoritarian Party in Britain”


SNP’s ‘sinister’ plan to track children

And MORE State control of our kids. The SNP are taking control of EVERY part of EVERYONE’s lives. Vote them out.

SCHOOLCHILDREN could be tracked as part of “sinister” new database proposals, the Scottish Daily Express can reveal.

A Scottish Government report envisages pupils being swiped in and out of each lesson with their attendance logged and monitored. Continue reading “SNP’s ‘sinister’ plan to track children”

Lawyers warn against ‘Big Brother’ plans to give every Scottish child a state guardian

SNP plans to assign every Scottish child in the country a state guardian amount to “disproportionate” interference with the traditional role of parents, the legal profession has warned ministers.

The Law Society of Scotland attacked the Scottish Government’s plans to give every child a “named person”, who could theoretically be anyone but their mother or father, from birth to the age of 18.

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