NHS 24 chiefs warn service is in danger of cracking under pressure of staff shortages and absenteeism


THE service has failed to recruit crucial frontline staff like nurses and an investigation has been launched in to why there are such high rates of sickness.

BOSSES at NHS 24 have warned that the service is under so much pressure that it’s unsustainable in its current state. Continue reading “NHS 24 chiefs warn service is in danger of cracking under pressure of staff shortages and absenteeism”


Nicola Sturgeon ‘cover-up’ over Prestwick Airport cost

The First Minister fails to tell MPs that the projected cost of taxpayer loans to the airport has almost doubled from £21.3 million to £39.6 million.

Nicola Sturgeon has been accused of covering up the true cost to the taxpayer of buying Prestwick Airport after she kept secret the existence of a new estimate predicting it would almost double to £40 million.

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SNP dilemma as English firm set to win water deal

SNP ministers are on the verge of handing a massive contract to provide water for Scotland’s public sector bodies to a private water company based in England.

In a move that critics claim would amount to privatisation by the back door, the government is understood to be minded to give the £350m deal to Anglian Water instead of an offshoot of publicly owned Scottish Water. Continue reading “SNP dilemma as English firm set to win water deal”

SNP “stealth” cut to Scotland’s world class research

SNP “stealth” cut to Scotland’s world class research

Iain Gray

On Monday my Shadow Cabinet colleagues and I went to Aberdeen. It was there, at Aberdeen University’s Rowett institute that I saw the astonishing work being led by Professor Lora Heisler on the neuroscience of obesity.  Ground breaking work has identified the neurons which control appetite, and ways to switch them on and off.  The potential for a breakthrough on halting the “obesity epidemic” is immense. Continue reading “SNP “stealth” cut to Scotland’s world class research”

Councillor claims SNP hid Dundee V&A overspend to avoid losing independence referendum votes

Dundee’s SNP administration covered up the sky-rocketing V&A budget in order to avoid losing votes in the independence referendum, a senior councillor has claimed.

Labour leader Kevin Keenan has said that SNP members deliberately kept the public in the dark about the £31 million overspend for the troubled project to boost their vote on September 18. Continue reading “Councillor claims SNP hid Dundee V&A overspend to avoid losing independence referendum votes”

SNP Education Failures


Another superb bit of research, this time from Do Not Break Our Unity

SNP dismal record on education:-

1. SNP failed miserably on education:-

2. SNP abandons teachers and smaller class sizes:-

3. SNP have broken their promises on primary school class sizes:-

4. SNP ‘failing miserably’ on teacher numbers:-

5. Shortfall of £11.2 million in further education bursary funds available to college students.:-

6. Salmond criticized over SNP education record:-

7. SNP MSP John Mason wants creationism in Scottish schools:-

8. SNP coerced independent body to delete critical comments about Scotland’s education system:-

As you can see from the information in the pages linked above, the SNP have failed our children and young people dismally. The only way to have even a chance of reversing the decline in education is to vote them out in May 2015.

This is despite an education underspend (money held back from the budget) of £165,000,000 in the year 2013-2014.