Police Scotland officers unhappy with chief Stephen House’s stop and search tactics

STAFF morale is low and adversely affected by the pace and nature of change according to a HMICS report.

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Sturgeon urged: investigate your Energy Minister’s decisions for UK’s largest private landowner

Even more sleaze and alleged back room dealings form the SNP. This time, in support of the UK’s biggest landowner. This is the same landowner that came under fire over the SNP’s position on fracking. This MUST be investigated.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon is being asked to investigate the conduct of her own Energy Minister Fergus Ewing after he was accused of blocking one wind farm to pave the way for another backed by the Duke of Buccleuch, Britain’s largest private landowner.

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Nicola Sturgeon ‘cover-up’ over Prestwick Airport cost

The First Minister fails to tell MPs that the projected cost of taxpayer loans to the airport has almost doubled from £21.3 million to £39.6 million.

Nicola Sturgeon has been accused of covering up the true cost to the taxpayer of buying Prestwick Airport after she kept secret the existence of a new estimate predicting it would almost double to £40 million.

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SNP dilemma as English firm set to win water deal

SNP ministers are on the verge of handing a massive contract to provide water for Scotland’s public sector bodies to a private water company based in England.

In a move that critics claim would amount to privatisation by the back door, the government is understood to be minded to give the £350m deal to Anglian Water instead of an offshoot of publicly owned Scottish Water. Continue reading “SNP dilemma as English firm set to win water deal”

NHS Scotland in takeover by US health giant


Once again we expose the secret privatisation of our NHS by the SNP.

Only last week, Nicola Sturgeon tried to make polictical capital out of her signing an anti-TTIP* petition. This is despite Alex Salmond stating that the SNP fully support TTIP, and is on record stating that in the transcript from his interview at the Brookings Institute.

Boston-based multinational Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) has been paid millions of pounds in public money to introduce sweeping reforms across Scottish hospitals. Continue reading “NHS Scotland in takeover by US health giant”

Wealthy Scots ‘considering fleeing high SNP taxes’

The race to the bottom has begun.

No country has ever introduced “wealth redistribution” successfully. It ALWAYS ends up with the wealthy leaving, and the remaining people left have to pick up the tax tab.

Next, you get the next tier down leaving, as they can afford the taxes. And so it goes on.

The race to the bottom.

“Wealth Redistribution” is a socialist idea that looks and sounds good on paper, but it doesnt, and cannot work.

France tried it recently. The wealthy simply moved across the borders into Belgium and Spain, and took their money with them.

Estate agents Savills warns that wealthy Scots are considering moving south of the Border to avoid new Scottish Government taxes and claims the replacement for Stamp Duty may only raise half what is predicted.

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Proof The SNP Support Fracking and UCG

If anyone, ever, had any doubts about the SNP supporting Fracking, well here’s the proof that they DO support it. Proof beyond doubt.


A bitter behind-the-scenes row between two leading nationalists about exploiting onshore gas has resulted in a complaint to the First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, the Sunday Herald can reveal. 

The south Scotland MSP, Joan McAlpine, has privately protested about the behaviour of the Scottish energy minister, Fergus Ewing, after he carpeted her for criticising the Duke of Buccleuch’s plans to mine coalbed methane at Canonbie in Dumfries and Galloway.

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SNP Education Failures


Another superb bit of research, this time from Do Not Break Our Unity

SNP dismal record on education:-

1. SNP failed miserably on education:-

2. SNP abandons teachers and smaller class sizes:-

3. SNP have broken their promises on primary school class sizes:-

4. SNP ‘failing miserably’ on teacher numbers:-

5. Shortfall of £11.2 million in further education bursary funds available to college students.:-

6. Salmond criticized over SNP education record:-

7. SNP MSP John Mason wants creationism in Scottish schools:-

8. SNP coerced independent body to delete critical comments about Scotland’s education system:-

As you can see from the information in the pages linked above, the SNP have failed our children and young people dismally. The only way to have even a chance of reversing the decline in education is to vote them out in May 2015.

This is despite an education underspend (money held back from the budget) of £165,000,000 in the year 2013-2014.


First Minister in missing records riddle over Hollie Greig abuse allegations

So the SNP supporters love to shout about accusations of paedophilia involving members of parliament. These are of course, only allegations. Now, what if the same thing was happening right here in Scotland, and the First Ministers office knew about, and either took no action, or made the case “go away”?

The Scottish Government is refusing to disclose whether it has lost or destroyed communications records relating to the Hollie Greig case which may indicate when the First Minister Alex Salmond became aware of allegations of sexual abuse, which Ms Greig claims was carried out against her over many years whilst resident in the Aberdeen area. Continue reading “First Minister in missing records riddle over Hollie Greig abuse allegations”

SNP Privatisation of NHS Scotland

The SNP constantly shout bawl and greet about privatisation of the NHS south of the border. But all the time, they have been privatising health right here in Scotland. The article below shows them privatising a hospital here in Scotland.

Serco has been confirmed as the facilities management partner for NHS Dumfries and Galloway’s new district general hospital.

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Barnett formula ‘flaw’ gifts Scotland £1 billion

SCOTS have enjoyed a £1 billion windfall in the past decade due to “flaws” in the controversial formula used to work out the country’s budget from Westminster, says a think-tank.

The Barnett formula has long been a source of disquiet among politicians south of the Border who say it means Scotland gets £1,300 more in public spending per head than the rest of the UK. But all the main UK party leaders pledged to maintain the system during the referendum. Continue reading “Barnett formula ‘flaw’ gifts Scotland £1 billion”

An Independent Scotland would have needed an IMF bailout in its first year


This is a very well written article. It well worth spending some time and reading it in full. It shows what would have happened had we already been indy, and what could very easily happen if we ever went indy. At least as part of the UK, we can absorb losses in tax revenue from the oil and gas sector. iScotland couldn’t.

” In the run up to the Scottish Independence Referendum last autumn, we at the Scotland Institute produced a significant amount of research showing that the SNP White Paper for Independence simply did not add up on the prospects of an independent Scottish economy. Today, when oil prices stand below $50 / barrel, our scepticism has been fully vindicated. Continue reading “An Independent Scotland would have needed an IMF bailout in its first year”